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Whytal tech, leading Gypsum plastering company in Kerala, has been leading the Construction & Shelving Division Since 2005. Whytal tech Pvt. Ltd is executing the gypsum plastering works and is the best gypsum plastering company in Kerala. We value the clients and view every project as an opportunity to establish a long-term relationship. Having experience in the construction field for 17 years in Kerala, we focus not to compromise on the professional quality and the integrity of our works. Past these months, we have an excellent track record in proving the quality, work ethics, and good business practices among our clients. We are providing grade gypsum plaster and competitive operatives for internal plastering of buildings.

While using Whytal Gypsum plaster, customers avail the following benefits: Cement and sand are not required, using crushed sand for plastering creates cracks on walls and the Whytal Gypsum plaster never creates cracks. No worries about labors and supervision, because we provide both. No curing required; After using our material curing is not required. “ Save Water“ “Save Money” ; no white cement and putty required. Our material controls pollution and it is free from chemicals. Whytal Gypsum plaster reduces temperature in rooms and also provides a smooth interior finishing.

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